Apps Every Reader Must Have!

We readers need apps that will take care of our reading goals and will spoon feed us! I use the mentioned apps daily and it really helps me to keep track of my reading. Some apps will help to take care of the books you read monthly and yearly, while some will help to analyze your reading. Let’s dive into the apps that every reader should have!


This is the most known and used app that is found on every bookworm’s phone! Goodreads is a very useful app that helps you to keep track of the books that you read each month. It has a yearly reading challenge that helps to set a goal for reading the number of books for the year. There are also Giveaways for books in which you can take part (open for US and Canadian residents only). You can also follow your friends and chat with them in groups. It is a great app for organizing your read and want to read shelves for the year. They also have great newsletters, that recommend the best books based on your recent reads. Goodreads is a very useful app and I highly recommend this app to you all!

The Story Graph.

I discovered this app three months ago and I have fallen in love with this app! You just have to import your Goodreads data into this app and it will analyze your books. It makes pie charts and graphs that show the analysis of your reading. I have found this app very useful as it shows my moods of reading, the pace of reading, average rating and genre monthly and yearly! Highly recommended app! 


This app is just awesome! You can read thousands of webcomics of any genre for free! Many creators publish their webcomic series on this platform. The comics have beautiful illustrations that will blow your mind. There is also music (sometimes) in a series to bring a good mood while reading. It is very addictive and I just cannot keep my phone down once I start a series. It has genres like Romance, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Comedy, Action, etc. I just love reading webcomics on Webtoon! Some best-recommended series to read on Webtoon:

1. True Beauty
2. Lets Play
3. Stagtown
4. Heartstopper
5. To Love Your Enemy


Wattpad is a great app where you can read fanfiction and also write one! You can read romance stories, fanfictions and Wattpad books for free. It is a great platform to start your journey as a small author as you can write books and stories. People’s works have been published and also adapted to TV series too! Great platform to start writing and getting inspired!

I hope you found some new apps by reading this post. Let me know in the comments, some apps that you use daily as a reader. These apps have really helped me organize my reading goals, I hope they will be useful to you all as well!
Happy Reading!

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