Fun Journey of Online Schooling.

2020 has been a struggling year for all of us. All of us have been affected in some or another way. But, the students like me experienced online schooling for the first time. When I had finished my 9th grade in March, I had planned to read a lot of books and was also counselled that my next year is a crucial one! Who knew a virus would hit and the children would be online schooling for the rest of the year? So, we had a break for two months and from June we started with 10th grade. ‘A Crucial Year’ turned into a fun one for the rest of the year! All the students used to sit in front of the screen wearing uniform shirt on top and pyjamas down. The students and teachers were not used to zoom and all of us were learning to use the app. We all had our struggles using the app, one time, the whole class were in the waiting room for ten minutes because the teacher did not know how to admit the students! Sometimes students used to leave themselves unmuted and all the drama could be heard in the middle of a math class! We all had good laughs during our lectures for the first two months. Later, the teachers were trained and the students started getting used to zoom. Some students used to have their breakfast with their videos off during lectures, while some never bothered to wake up from bed to sit for the class as they managed to hold the phone while being half-awake! We had rules, but the students mended the rules in their own way.

Then came the test phase. The school first started with timed MCQ tests, so that the students could be comfortable. Well, when the results came in, the whole class managed to score above 90%! Either the students had gotten smart in the ongoing lockdown or the students are tech-savvy enough to google the answers out! This posed a problem as the school was not able to make out who actually studied and who became friends with Google! They then came up with a written test of 40 marks. The whole class was provided with answer sheets and the question paper was shared. We all were supposed to write the paper in the given time. When the paper reached the teachers, they read an answer and thought that maybe the child has written the answer with his/ her perspective. She then checked other papers and found out that the same answer was seen in those papers! She immediately gave zero marks for that answer to all the students who copied from google! Well, writing answers in a 10th-grade answer sheet that are normally seen in a 12th-grade answer sheet was easy to make out!

We had festival celebrations, birthday celebrations and career counselling online. Some students bothered to bring fun to the online classes by changing their names, for example, Spiderman, tony stark, etc. and played songs in an ongoing class. The teacher then would remove the intruder and continue the class. Well, it is disrespectful to do something like this but the students had lost all the fun that they used to have in offline classes. Some students used to join the class with virtual backgrounds such that they were either sitting on earth or sitting in front of a bridge! Our teachers out of pity would play one song in class to cheer up the students. When we had festival celebrations, the whole class and the teachers used to play games such as Scriblio and some quizzes.

Chapters and concepts were innovatively taught for the whole year. Even though we missed going to offline school and meeting our friends, but our teachers tried their best to keep us entertained. The batch of 2020-2021 of 10th grade has surely been a lucky one, but we still miss the traditional school days. The teachers have done a great job in teaching the students by online method. The positive attitude they had towards everything, definitely motivated all of us. Our parents and teachers have been constant support even in the worst times. Our final exams got cancelled this year due to covid, so we have been promoted. It has been a journey and we will never forget this term. 

Happy Reading!

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