The Silent Patient #bookreview.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book: The Silent Patient
Author: Alex Michaelides
Pages: 342
Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Goodreads Blurb:

Alicia Berenson lived a seemingly perfect life until one day six years ago.

When she shot her husband in the head five times.

Since then she hasn’t spoken a single word.

It’s time to find out why.

My Review:

I was instantly hooked to the story from page one. Halfway through the book, I felt as if it was all filler. But the way the author connected all the loose ends and gave a bomb of an ending *claps*. Two aspects of the story were blended so well. The main character is silent and does not speak. So, the psychotherapist is trying to get some answers. That element hooked me to the story as well. Every chapter arose questions and I did not see the ending coming. Overall a perfect psychological thriller with twisty turns!

What I Liked:

  • Short chapters with arising questions.
  • The story is narrated through the eyes of the therapist.
  • The silence of the main character hooked me to the story.
  • Unexpected plot twist.
  • Bomb of an ending!

What To Read Next:

  • Tell Me Your Dreams by Sidney Sheldon
  • Caedmon’s Song by Peter Robinson

This was a shocking read! If you are in the mood of reading a psychological thriller then this is a perfect read. Have you read this book? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
Happy Reading!

Book Snob Book Tag!

Hello Bookish People! I found this tag over at Writer Girls Book Reviews and it seemed very interesting! So, I’ll be doing this tag today! The original creator of this tag is Tia and all the books from Youtube.

Adaptation Snob: Do you always read the book before you see the movie?

Most of the time I do read books before watching the adaptation of it. There have been times when I have only watched the adaptation and not read the books…

Format Snob: You can only choose 1 format in which to read books for the rest of your life. Which one do you choose: physical books, ebooks, or audiobooks?

Physical Copies any day. Although they do take up a lot of space and empty my pockets, but that’s okay!

Ship Snob: Would you date or marry a non-reader?

I don’t know! I have never thought of that aspect. I probably would, because connecting with people with different tastes seems a good thing!

Genre Snob: You have to ditch one genre – never to be read again for the rest of your life. Which one do you ditch?

That would be Fantasy. I like reading fantasies, but sometimes I feel that they are complicated in the aspect of world-building and everything.

Uber Genre Snob: You can only choose to read from one genre for the rest of your life. Which genre do you choose?

*hmph* How can I make this big decision? There are so many sub-genres in Genres. I can’t really choose one 😦

Community Snob: Which genre do you think receives the most snobbery from the bookish community?

I don’t think that a particular genre receives snobbery from the community. Since everyone has their own preferences of the genre, so no one treats any genre as superior to the others 🙂

Snobbery Recipient: Have you ever been snubbed for something that you have been reading or for reading in general?

No, I haven’t been.

These questions were making me make life decisions, but definitely a fun tag! Feel free to do this tag!
Happy Reading!

Are Readers Patient?

Hello Readers! Many people have asked me, “you are a reader, you must be very patient…” Well, I don’t know the answer to that. I am patient at times, but today this post is about what makes people think that we are patient, and are we really patient? Let’s get into it!

Whenever my friends and family have asked me this question, I always perceived it as maybe the non-readers think that reading is a hard job and requires a lot of concentration… So to clear things up, reading is not like reading textbooks XD. If you are a reader, the attention span automatically builds up.

But here comes a plot twist.

When reading a particular book, we go through a rollercoaster of emotions. For example, we can’t wait for that nosey character to die in fantasies and also can’t wait for the enemy characters to become lovers in romance books! The struggle is real. So that is our impatient side!

Don’t get us wrong you mundanes! We also give chances to a book that is worth throwing out of the window, but still, we end up finishing it.

Patience is a personality trait and it depends from person to person. I still do not know if I am patient or not, because it depends on the situation.

Are Readers Actually Patient? Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments!
Happy Reading!

Reading Updates 18/04/22.

Happy Monday Bookworms! I had a great reading week as I had a holiday for four days so I ended up binge-reading two books! I also wanted to discuss this particular genre I read. So, I read The Love Hypothesis and The Love Deception, I must say… I loved them. It’s been a minute since I binge-read and I had a great experience reading these two. Well, a fake dating trope spree it was! Let’s dive deep into these books!

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Age Limit: 17+

Olive does not believe in lasting romantic relationships, but her friend Anh does. Olive broke up with Jeremy and it was a mutual break-up. But, when Anh is interested in Jeremy but denies dating him because of the girl code, Olive tries to convince Anh that she is happy with another man. In the process of it.. she kisses the first man she sees at Stanford. The man is none other than Adam Carlsen who is the professor. He agrees to fake date her, but in the course of that Olive starts having feelings for him…

This book was everything! I loved the chemistry between Olive and Adam. Olive is shown to be chaotic and thrown into weird situations by her best friend. It was very funny to read those! After a long time, it felt like falling in love with reading all over again. At some points the story is heavy, but it was well handled by the author. This story is set in a scientific environment which was very interesting! A perfect fake dating trope read!

The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Age Limit: 17+

Catalina Martín’s sister’s wedding is near. Catalina announces to her family that she will be bringing her American boyfriend as a plus one to the wedding. The only thing is, he doesn’t exist. While explaining the situation to her best friend, her arch-nemesis overhears the situation. He is none other than Aaron Blackford. The person who boils her blood, offers her to be the plus one for the trip. She has no other option but to say yes. Will the hatred turn into love for Catalina?

A funny and cute romance read this was! I did take away one star in this one since I felt that the conversations between characters felt repetitive and they were going back and forth over the same thing. Other than that, I love the chemistry between the characters and Catalina’s family was awesome! This is a great read with enemies to lovers and faking dating tropes.

Have you read these books? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Also please recommend me a fake dating or a enemies to lovers trope book! Happy Reading! Rabhya.

Splendid Spring Book Tag!

Hello, Bookworms! I am back with another tag, that I saw over at The Bookish Mutant! Check out her blog, it’s amazing! The tag was originally created by Victoria Mann on Booktube.

1. Everywhere you look flowers are blooming! Choose a book you love or think you will love with flowers on the cover.

I enjoyed reading Wilder Girls by Rory Power! It was a perfect read during the pandemic!

2. Spring is the perfect time for a fun trip! Choose a book you’ve read or would like to read while traveling from one place to another.

I started reading this book when I was going out of town to visit my cousins! (ironic right?) I did not finish this book during the trip, but I did finish this book on the bus!

3. Who doesn’t love a good Spring Fling? Choose a book you were obsessed with for a short period of time, but then you swiftly cast it aside.

I had read this during my summer vacation last year and remember being obsessed with the story. But haven’t talked about this book not even once!

4. Everyone loves the smell of freshly mowed grass, but not at an ungodly hour! Choose a book that personifies a middle-aged dad waking up at 7am on a Saturday to mow the lawn when he should be sleeping like the rest of us.

I haven’t read this book, but I don’t know why, this prompt reminded me of A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman.

5. A surprise rain shower might spoil your outdoor fun, but don’t worry the sun will be back! Choose a book that made you really sad, but the sun still shines in the end.

This one crushed my heart but it definitely gave me hope for the main character in the end.

6. It’s that time of year when all the animals stretch their limbs and come out of hibernation. Choose a book that pulled you out of a reading slump.

I hadn’t read anything for more than a month, when I picked this book, I had absolute joy reading this one!

7. Students all over exhale a sigh of relief knowing they get a break from school. Choose a book whose friend group you’d like to spend Spring Break with.

I would love to spend my spring break with Avery and the Hawthorne Brothers!

8. Spring is all about rebirth and blooming. Choose a book that made you grow as a person.

This book helped me to bring back my inner creativity!

9. A picnic at the park is the perfect springtime activity! Choose a book with a character who you think would pack the best picnic basket.

Akira would be the perfect person who would pack the best picnic basket!

10. For many, spring is the first break from the bitterness of winter! Choose a book that is the embodiment of sunshine.

It is filled with chaos, humor, and fun over 24 hours! Loved it!

I Tag:











Book Owl.

(Sorry, If you have already done this tag.)

The prompts were so good! Loved doing this one! Recommend me a book that would be perfect for spring!~
Happy Reading!