Four Years Bloggerversary! ✨

Hello everyone! Hope all are doing good. Today, Rabs Bookish Planet turns 4! I am so grateful to have you all reading and commenting on my posts. Thank you so much for all your support, it means a lot to me!

Life keeps getting hectic, but I will not stop posting and will take time for writing. Blogging has changed my life in so many ways and has built so many relationships on this platform. I am so glad that I started writing and never stopped.

Love,. Rabhya ❤️

Where Have I Been?

Hello bookish people! It’s been more than a month since I posted anything. I am so sorry for being away from the blogosphere for so long. I wanted to be honest with you and share where I have been for a long time…


In June, I read 6 books, of which one was a re-read. In July, I read 1 book, the book of the month of my book club. I have started two to three books but haven’t finished them yet. I try to remove time to read, so I have been reading but not like I used to. My mindset towards reading has also changed in a lot of ways. These days I read books that will help me develop and nourish myself, and then fiction is also there.


During my long hiatus, I went through phases of writing. At first, I thought that I am in writer’s block because of no time. Then I started thinking that maybe I lost the charm of writing. For a long time, I felt sad because writing has always helped me bring up my true self. But today, as I am writing this post, I feel so whole pouring down my thoughts, and all this time it was my mind that made me think that way.

Life In General.

For the past month, I had been preparing for my tests and did not have time to write or read anything. I am afraid to say that this circle will be going on for 6 months more. I really missed blogging because it is something that keeps me sane and makes me happy. Other than studies, going out after the pandemic hit differently. In the pandemic, there was zero interaction, but now interacting with so many people in person at once has been hard to cope with. I was struggling with that, but now I am trying to get back into the routine that I had pre-pandemic.

Blog Posting Schedule.

As I mentioned about having less time before, instead of posting five posts a week I will be reducing it to three posts a week. I will try my very best to be consistent and present here. I decided that other than studies I must continue writing and reading because I enjoy it!

I hope you all understand, I missed you all a lot and now I will be here at Rab’s Bookish Planet 😀
Happy Reading!

Mood Reader!

Hello readers, happy Tuesday! I have been meaning to write a post about mood readers. Well for starters, I am a mood reader! Let’s dive deep into this topic!

Who is a mood reader?

A person whose feelings determine what they read. They are always on a hunt for genres that their feelings speak to and it keeps changing according to seasons, events, festivals, or the phase they are going through momentarily. Mostly it depends on the emotions and feelings the person goes through.

What are my reading habits as a mood reader?

I keep switching up my genres. There will be a point where I will be binge reading murder mysteries or only romance books. My reading tastes are also changing and lately, I prefer fast-paced books. Whenever I pick up a book, I usually end up binge reading 3 to 4 books at a time. But then, there will be a time when I won’t read anything! A month ago, I had started 7 to 8 books and did not finish any of them. I felt so guilty that I wanted to bring it to a balance. The books that I didn’t want to read at that moment, were temporarily DNF’ed, and the books that I was interested to read were prioritized.

Sometimes when I feel low, I read contemporary books to make myself feel better. And when I am on cloud nine, I will be flying through murder mysteries and young adult books!

Being a mood reader is complicated because emotions control what you wish to read! I feel that in some or the other way we are mood readers. What kind of a reader are you? Let me know in the comments!
Happy Reading!

Writers Block.

Hello, my writers and readers! Today I wanted to talk about a phase that all writers go through at some point in their lives. I have been in writing slumps several times. Recently, I did not post anything for 2-3 weeks because I did not feel like writing for some time.

What Is Writers Block?

For my non-writers out there, it is basically when you don’t feel like writing anything or you are unable to think of what to write. It is very natural because as writers, our minds are continuously building up ideas for writing. Sometimes we need a break from that cycle, so we end up falling into writer’s block. There are many other reasons, for instance, not being a proper mindset or chasing perfection can lead to a writing slump.

How To Overcome It?

Don’t Force Yourself!

Many people force themself to write even when they don’t feel like it. This can extend your writing slump even more. Instead, just engage in another activity for a while and then come back to it.

Change The Place.

Normally writers have a fixed place where they sit and write. You can change some things around your workspace or go to a different place like a cafe and write! It helps give a fresh mindset.

Do Raw Writing.

Pick up any piece of paper or open up a word doc and just write what is going through your mind at that moment. You don’t have to write related to your book or blog, just write the emotions or thoughts going through your mind. This has helped me open up my mind!

I really missed you all and after a two-week break, I am back with a fresh mind and new content ideas! Don’t be stressed if you fall into a writing slump, you may never know what ideas you can get after your slump is over! Let things go naturally and go with the flow ❤
Happy Reading!