Why Do Book Covers Look Similar?

Hello, Bookworms! Yesterday I had posted about Book Covers That Look Similar Part-1. I did a lot of research on why many book covers look similar. There are many reasons, so today I will be diving deep into this.

What do book covers represent?

They represent the book. Covers represent the genres of the book through art. For example, Contemporary Genre normally has book covers with graphical illustrations on them. Over the years the trends and designing methods have changed.

Trend Waves.

When trend waves hit, there will be the same type of design on every cover. For example, there was one phase where every cover had a girl showing her back and running. In 2020-2021 there was one trend wave of covers having vibrant colors and different patterns on the cover.

Image Courtesy: Print Magazine

Marketing Strategies.

Covers are the number one marketing tool used. As I mentioned about the Contemporary Romance genre having graphic illustrations, that’s a marketing strategy. We did not see those 3 or 5 years ago. Some covers are similar to famous books like Sarah J. Mass’s books or Twilight Series. It is all done for targeting a particular audience who may love that genre.

Even though we say, Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover, it is a human tendency to get attracted by visuals and colors!
Happy Reading!

16 thoughts on “Why Do Book Covers Look Similar?

  1. I love the book covers you picked for this post, they are so vibrant and colorful and I can see the trend for sure. Now although I love the colors and they do catch my eye I do admit these are the books I go for the least – for some reason this trend doesn’t work for me lol. But I love how when put together they look like they belong in a modern art museum. Great post!

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