Book Covers That Look Similar Part-1.

Hello Pals, Happy Monday. Somehow January feels like it doesn’t want to end. It is going so slow… Anyways, I have seen many book covers whose designs, fonts, and color palettes are somewhat similar. I was inspired to do this post by Andge over @Down the Rabbit Hole.

The Girls with Flowers Covers.

All three books have the same genre: Young Adult and Horror. Although the color palettes are different, they all have one thing in common, girls with flowers coming out of their faces. I have read House Of Hollow and Wilder Girls. They were solid 4 star reads for me.

Humans Standing On Book Towers.

Autoboyography is a Young Adult Romance while The Librarian Of Auschwitz is a Young Adult Historical Fiction. The design and idea behind the cover are very similar. There are stars in the sky and both the covers have the city/place it is set in. The main character is standing on the book towers. The fonts and placements are different but the idea is very similar.

Stacked Silhoutte Of Faces Covers.

Both have the same genre: Historical Fiction. The covers have a huge similarity of stacked silhouettes of faces. The placements are different, but they have the same design idea. The bold fonts are also somewhat similar.

I spent a lot of time researching why many covers look similar. So tomorrow I will be posting about Let’s Talk About Book Covers. I had a lot of fun seeing different book covers. There will be a part two coming soon! Do you know any covers that look similar? Let me know in the comments!
Happy Reading!

12 thoughts on “Book Covers That Look Similar Part-1.

  1. I love the covers with the flowers on them, they really catch your eye. Plus they definitely make sense for House Of Hollow.
    I’ve seen covers use the same image before- it’s bugging me that I can’t remember what book it was – and that gets so confusing 😅

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