What Is TMI Month?

I will be posting Character’s Biography from the Shadowhunter Chronicles this November. You will read character sketches of the main characters from the Mortal Instruments. Note: There are spoilers.


Meliorn is so true to her Queen and he concentrates on just serving to her Queen. He is one of the powerful Seelie. Surprisingly he can lie a little bit because he is half-faerie. He was in a love interest with Isabelle.

He has always been helpful to the shadowhunters, but when it comes to the Seelie Queen he is ready to give his life for her..

Thank you so much for reading my posts for TMI month! This is the end of the TMI Month, but it is also the start of TID Month! You all will be reading more character sketches of The Infernal Devices! I hope you enjoy reading them. Like, Comment and Follow my blog site, so you don’t miss any interesting posts! Happy Reading!
– Rabhya

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