What is TID Month?

I will be posting Character’s Biography from the Shadowhunter Chronicles this December. You will read character sketches of the main characters from The Infernal Devices. Note: There are spoilers.

Tessa Gray.

Tessa Gray also known as Theresa Herondale-Carstairs (née Gray) is a Warlock (half- shadowhunter & half- Eidolon demon). She is a rare kind of species as she has the ability to Change into any person by holding an object that belongs to the person. Surprisingly, she is a warlock but doesn’t have any mark of a warlock.

Tessa had a cousin brother known as Nate who betrayed her by putting her in danger. She was captured by the Magister that is Axel Mortmain.

When Tessa came to London, she was exposed to the shadow world. Tessa lived in the institute with Will Herondale, James Carstairs and other shadowhunters.

Tessa was drawn close to Will and Jem. She loved both of them, as they were best of friends, but who would she choose to live with?

7 thoughts on “TID MONTH POST #1

  1. Tessa is one of my favorite characters, she is basically always there when they need her and I love the little items and hints Cassie left for the readers to find thought-out the different parts of the stories.

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