Spotify Wrapped Book Challenge!

Hello everyone, hope all are doing good. I am still on a hiatus because my exams are approaching soon. But for a change, I decided to write a post. I am so excited to do this challenge because music and books are very close to my heart. I saw this challenge at Ali’s Books, so let’s get into it!


The idea of this challenge is to put your 2022 playlist on shuffle, and for the first five songs, you need to pick a book you read in 2022 that fits that song. It doesn’t have to be a perfect fit. You just have to explain why you chose that book for that song.

These songs came on my Spotify Wrapped 2022, so I will be going ahead with this list today.

Song 1: Therapist by Jeremy Zucker

Paired with…

This is an upbeat, chaotic, and fearless song. I get those vibes from The Inheritance Games series. Also, I was continuously listening to this song while I was reading the second book.

Song 2: Hate Me If It Helps by Alexander 23

Paired with…

The pain in this song matches the pain in this memoir. The lyrics in the song tell about, how the person is trying to make his past loved one happy and better by hurting himself emotionally, which is exactly the case with the author and her mom in the book. Impactful song and an impactful read…

Song 3: i70 by Jeremy Zucker

Paired with…

The song is about not driving home anymore and in the book, the main character ran away from his home to explore his new life. This song gives very countryside and chill vibes, which I felt while reading Kafka On The Shore.

Song 4: More Than Life by Machine Gun Kelly x Glaive

Paired with…

I read this book in January, but somehow this song always reminded me of The Naturals. The book is based on a serial killer murder mystery, which was very interesting to read. I must say that this series is very underrated, so please read it!

Song 5: High by Chainsmokers

Paired with…

Reading this book gave me anxiety and listening to this song gave me a serotonin boost because it is so upbeat. Now, both feelings are opposite but somehow the song vibed a lot with the book.

I had a blast doing this challenge! I am not tagging anyone but feel free to do this tag!
Happy Reading!


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