White Smoke! #bookreview.

Hello, Bookworms! Today I will be reviewing White Smoke which was kindly sent to me by Harper Collins in exchange for my honest review! Thank you for sending a copy! Also, I buddy read this book with four of my friends!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book: White Smoke
Author: Tiffany D. Jackson
Pages: 384
Genre: Psychological Thriller, Young Adult


Marigold is running from ghosts. The phantoms of her old life keep haunting her, but a move with her newly blended family from their small California beach town to the embattled Midwestern city of Cedarville might be the fresh start she needs. Her mom has accepted a new job with the Sterling Foundation that comes with a free house, one that Mari now has to share with her bratty ten-year-old stepsister, Piper.

The renovated picture-perfect home on Maple Street, sitting between dilapidated houses, surrounded by wary neighbours has its . . . secrets. That’s only half the problem: household items vanish, doors open on their own, lights turn off, shadows walk past rooms, voices can be heard in the walls, and there’s a foul smell seeping through the vents only Mari seems to notice. Worse: Piper keeps talking about a friend who wants Mari gone.

As the house closes in, Mari learns that the danger isn’t limited to Maple Street. Cedarville has its secrets, too. And secrets always find their way through the cracks. 

My Review.

This book gave me goosebumps! The story was going at a slow pace in the starting to hook the readers. The author did a great job with the family representation. Also, I was glad that the author did not put a romance trope. There was interest, but it was moreover friendship. Coming to the horror part, the story was spooky. There were some scenes where I could visualise the whole thing in my head.

The main character is trying to run from her brutal past and start over. She also has a bedbug phobia, so in the whole book, she is mentioning facts about bedbugs and gets anxious even if she sees coffee beans! Her stepsister plays a huge role in the story. She is shown to be a very unlikeable character and is ruining many things for the main character. At first, I hated the stepsister and felt like throwing the book across the room for the things she used to do. But, in the ending, I felt that it wasn’t her fault for what she used to do. But, the drama was good hahaha.

Coming to the ending, it was worth it. There was a huge plot twist, but the suspense and tension built up, left a huge impact towards the end. I was completely invested in the book hence finished it in two days! You guys should read this book if you love a good spooky story with a family trope!

Have you read this book? Let me know in the comments! I will be back with another post soon!
Happy Reading!