The Racing To Read Book Tag!

Hello, Bookworms! I am back with another tag post. I saw this tag at Whispering Stories, check out Riddhi’s blog, it’s fantastic! I am very excited to do this tag, as for the past few months, I have fallen in love with Formula1. So I have been watching races and boosting my serotonin! Let’s get into the tag!

Warm Up: A book that stretches your mind.

Ace Of Spades kept me on the edge of the seat the whole time. The writing style is different in such a way that it gave me anxiety for the characters. I highly recommend this one.

Start Line: What’s a book that you started but never finished?

Lets be real. Many. I get so excited in the moment for a book, that I will read 50 pages of it and not finish it. So, I wont mention one because there are so many books that I have left 😦

Sprint: A book you read really quickly

It took me 4-5 hours to finish this book and it was so enjoyable to read!

Marathon: What’s your favorite long book?

I absolutely loved this book! Its 670 pages long, but every page was worth the read! Cassandra Clare has the magic to do that.

Hurdles: What’s a book that had ups and downs?

This book is filled with ups and downs. It gets slow and then a plot twist comes in.

Finish Line: A book you were proud to finish

I felt so happy and proud of myself when I finished this book as it is the first book I read that started my reading journey ❤

Gold Medal: Best book you’ve read during a readathon

Unfortunately I have never participated in a readathon.

Participation Ribbon: An underrated book you wish got more attention

This book is so underrated. It was a very surprising read and I enjoyed the friendship element with horror setting.

I tag:

  1. @Leah’s Books
  2. @Book Coffee Happy
  3. @Random Reader’s Rambles
  4. @Confessions Of A YA Reader
  5. @Past Midnight
  6. You!

Let me know in the comments if you are a F1 fan!
Happy Reading!

The Imagination Tag!

Hello, bookworms! Selina from The Never Ending Writes created this tag and tagged me! Thank you Selina for tagging me. Check out her blog, it’s amazing!


  • Put the featured image at the beginning of the post! ☝️
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  • Thank the person that nominated you!
  • Tag your post with #theimaginationtag or #the imagination tag
  • Think of six questions to ask yourself.
  • Answer the question: What’s going through your mind right now?
  • Nominate as many people as you want!

Six Questions For Myself:

1. Are you watching any tv shows?

Yes! I recently finished watching One Of Us Is Lying and started watching Stranger Things! My favorite character is Dustin!

2. What makes you happy?

Food and Books!

3. Songs you have been jamming to lately?

Formula by Labrinth and Crash by Alexander 23!

4. What makes you sad?

Fake friendships. When people use you and don’t even talk again is just disappointing…

5. One bookish bad habit?

Ugh. I have this bad habit of starting so many books at once and reading 50 pages. I come back to those books later. It is so annoying at this point. I seriously need to get out of this habit.

6. One hobby you wish to continue now that you used to do in your childhood?

That would be painting! I used to draw and paint a lot. These days I don’t get the time to do it. I wish to start making those marble pour paintings on the mini canvases! It is very therapeutic and fun!

Answer the question: What’s going through your mind right now?

I should sleep soon! I have to wake up at 5 tomorrow! ( This is me writing posts at 11pm)

I Nominate:








Feel free to do this tag! I had fun brainstorming some questions for myself haha! Thank you Selina for tagging me!
Happy Reading!

Goodreads Monday 04/04/22.

Hello Bookish People! Sorry for posting late today. I will be doing Goodreads Monday today, which is hosted by Emily @BudgetTalesBookBlog  All you have to do is show off a book from your TBR that you’re looking forward to reading.

Book: I’m The Girl
Author: Courtney Summers
Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 352
Release Date: September 13th, 2022

Blurb From Goodreads.

The new groundbreaking queer thriller from New York Times bestselling and Edgar-award Winning author Courtney Summers.

When sixteen-year-old Georgia Avis discovers the dead body of thirteen-year-old Ashley James, she teams up with Ashley’s older sister, Nora, to find and bring the killer to justice before he strikes again. But their investigation throws Georgia into a world of unimaginable privilege and wealth, without conscience or consequence, and as Ashley’s killer closes in, Georgia will discover when money, power, and beauty rule, it might not be a matter of who is guilty—but who is guiltiest.

A spiritual successor to the 2018 breakout hit, SadieI’m the Girl is a masterfully written, bold, and unflinching account of how one young woman feels in her body as she struggles to navigate a deadly and predatory power structure while asking readers one question: if this is the way the world is, do you accept it?

Why I Want To Read This Book?

I love a good murder mystery and this one seems very intriguing! I have to read Sadie by this author too, will get to both of the books soon!
Happy Reading!

The Music In Me Tag!

Hello Pals! Anything music-related, instantly gets me excited! So today I will be doing The Music In Me Tag, I saw it over Starlight Reading!


  • Link back to the original (Sophie @ Me and Ink) so she can see your answers and listen to the tunes.
  • For every prompt, you choose to do, name 1-5 songs (you can use Sophie’s graphics)
  • Have fun and play your music LOUD!

Home Town Glory: The songs that remind you of home.

Monday Morning by Quinn XCII
The Only Thing by Sufi Stevens
Dancing With Your Ghost by Sasha Alex Solan

If This Was a Movie: Favourite songs from movies/tv/broadway.

Back To You by Selena Gomez (13RW Not Watched)
Heat Waves by Glass Animals (Never Have I Ever S2)
Crashing by ILLENIUM & Bahari (To All The Boy's PS I Still Love You)

It’s a Love Story: Your favorite songs about love

This Is How You Fall In Love by Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler
There's No Way by Lauv & Julia Michaels
Rude by Magic!

Comfort Crowd: Songs that make you feel calm

Visions Of Gideon by Sufi Stevens
Dream by Shawn Mendes
Modern Loneliness by Lauv

Always remember us this way: Songs that remind you of your childhood

Fireflies by Owl City
21 Guns by Green Day
Quit Playing Games With My Heart by Backstreet Boys

Let’s Get Down To Business: Songs that motivate you

Therapist by Jeremy Zucker
GET IT by Keshi
Ay! by Machine Gun Kelly & Lil Wayne

Old Town Road: Songs from the past (like really old ones) that you love

We Built This City by Starship
Another One Bites The Dust by Queen
Bye Bye Bye by NSYNC

Cry with you: Songs to make you cry and cry

Cry With You by Jeremy Zucker
Devil On My Shoulder by Chelsea Cutler
Hate Me If It Helps by Alexander23

I think I’m in love: Your latest musical obsessions

iPad by Chainsmokers
26 by Lauv
WTF by Sasha Alex Solan

Writer in the dark: Your favorite lyrics from songs

"I do my best to stay away
'Cause I can't save you every day"
Therapist by Jeremy Zucker

Sign of the times: Songs in the charts that you love

Bam Bam by Camila Cabello & Ed Sheeran
Ghost by Justin Beiber
Light Switch by Charlie Puth

More than a memory: Songs you have specific memories attached to

So Many Songs! But, I used to sing Words by Boyzone when I was a kid everywhere XD.

Sing to me instead: Those songs you have to sing to

Doobey by OAFF, Savera & Lothika
STAY by Justin Beiber & The Kid Laroi

I wasn’t expecting that: Songs you didn’t expect to love, but you do

Ay! by MGK & Lil Wayne is all I can think of!

Favorite record: Name the albums you couldn’t live without

CRUSHER by Jeremy Zucker
Love Is Not Dying by Jeremy Zucker
Brent & Brent ii by Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler

Video Games: Name your favorite music videos

Therapist by Jeremy Zucker

Shut Up and Dance: Songs you have to dance

Closer live by Chainsmokers
Who Do You Love Live by Chainsmokers & 5SOS

I was hunting for songs in my playlist to put into these categories but it was definitely fun! Name your favorite artist in the comments!
Happy Listening!

“I Should Have Read That Book” Tag!

Hello Everyone! I am back with another tag to do! I saw this tag over at Quirky Pages by Nehal. Her blog is amazing, filled with humor and books! Check out her blog and give her some love!

1. A book that a certain friend is always telling you to read

Riddhi from Whispering Stories has recommended this trilogy to me and also on her blog. I have been meaning to read this trilogy, I may pick it up soon!

2. A book that’s been on your TBR forever and you still haven’t read the hell out of it

These questions are Exposing me! Just kidding, Legendborn has been lying on my shelf for a decade now. It blew up on Booktok and now the second book will be out soon, I have to read it soon!

3. A book in a series you started but haven’t finished

This is a BRICK. Whenever I will think of reading this, I get intimated by it. This is the third book in The Dark Artifices Trilogy.

4. A classic you have always liked the sound of but never really started

Ariel Bissett talked about this book in one of her videos and I found this book interesting!

5. A popular book that it seems everyone but you have read

*Wears a shield before anyone comes at me*
Don’t get me wrong, I really want to get to this trilogy, but time doesn’t come around ):

6. A book that inspired a film/TV adaptation that you really love, but you just haven’t read it yet

I loved the movie Wonder, it was so heartwarming and beautiful. I wish to read this book and other books by him in the future.

7. A book you see all over Instagram but haven’t picked up yet

I am not at all active on Instagram XD…

What is that one book that you have been recommended a million times but haven’t read it yet? Expose yourself in the comments down below!
Happy Reading!