Book Covers That Look Similar Part-2.

Hello everyone! You all loved part-1, so here is part-2 of Book Covers That Look Similar! I was inspired to do this post by Andge over @Down the Rabbit Hole.

You can check out Part-1 here.

A Group Of Heads.

Both are Young Adult and Mysteries. When I saw the cover of This Is Why We Lie, it immediately reminded me of All Your Twisted Secrets! The format of a group of heads with something slashing over them looked very similar. Also, the white background was an add-on.

Girls With Weapons.

Both are Young Adult and Historical Fiction. The color palette and tones of both the covers are very similar. The posture of the girls and holding a weapon is a point of similarity as well. The covers give a badass vibe!

Both are Fantasies and Retellings. The Purple color palettes are similar. In the first cover, the trees are forming a silhouette of faces while the feathers in the other cover are forming a circle.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Have you seen any covers that look similar? Let me know in the comments!
Happy Reading!