Reading Updates 18/04/22.

Happy Monday Bookworms! I had a great reading week as I had a holiday for four days so I ended up binge-reading two books! I also wanted to discuss this particular genre I read. So, I read The Love Hypothesis and The Love Deception, I must say… I loved them. It’s been a minute since I binge-read and I had a great experience reading these two. Well, a fake dating trope spree it was! Let’s dive deep into these books!

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Age Limit: 17+

Olive does not believe in lasting romantic relationships, but her friend Anh does. Olive broke up with Jeremy and it was a mutual break-up. But, when Anh is interested in Jeremy but denies dating him because of the girl code, Olive tries to convince Anh that she is happy with another man. In the process of it.. she kisses the first man she sees at Stanford. The man is none other than Adam Carlsen who is the professor. He agrees to fake date her, but in the course of that Olive starts having feelings for him…

This book was everything! I loved the chemistry between Olive and Adam. Olive is shown to be chaotic and thrown into weird situations by her best friend. It was very funny to read those! After a long time, it felt like falling in love with reading all over again. At some points the story is heavy, but it was well handled by the author. This story is set in a scientific environment which was very interesting! A perfect fake dating trope read!

The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Age Limit: 17+

Catalina Martín’s sister’s wedding is near. Catalina announces to her family that she will be bringing her American boyfriend as a plus one to the wedding. The only thing is, he doesn’t exist. While explaining the situation to her best friend, her arch-nemesis overhears the situation. He is none other than Aaron Blackford. The person who boils her blood, offers her to be the plus one for the trip. She has no other option but to say yes. Will the hatred turn into love for Catalina?

A funny and cute romance read this was! I did take away one star in this one since I felt that the conversations between characters felt repetitive and they were going back and forth over the same thing. Other than that, I love the chemistry between the characters and Catalina’s family was awesome! This is a great read with enemies to lovers and faking dating tropes.

Have you read these books? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Also please recommend me a fake dating or a enemies to lovers trope book! Happy Reading! Rabhya.

Books For Beginners!

You want to give a chance to reading, but don’t know which book to pick up that will be the breakthrough. I have curated some books in a variety of genres, that will definitely start your reading journey! If you want to get into reading then you have to find a book by exploring your interests. Here are some contemporary romances, books for teens, adventure, thriller and some mysteries sprinkled at the top! I assure you that, after reading one book from this list, you will crave more stories to eat!

We Were Liars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Author: E. Lockhart
Pages: 242
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary

This book revolves around a beautiful Sinclair family. They are crazy rich and live on a huge private island. The family lives happy, but there are secrets and lies behind those smiles.

This book has hazy and mysterious writing that will grip you to the story. There is the element of friendship, which is quite interesting to read. It will make a huge impact on you after reading this story. The metaphoric representation of emotions made the story beautiful. While the unravelling of secrets and lies left me shook. After reading this book, you will crave more mysteries and thrillers!

Emergency Contact.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Author: Mary H.K. Choi
Pages: 394
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Humour

Penny is heading to college in Austin, Texas for a fresh start. She leaves everything behind and goes to learn to become a writer. On the other hand, Sam is emotionally and financially stuck in his life. He works at a café and sleeps there on a mattress. When these two cross paths, they exchange numbers and become Emergency Contacts for each other. They talk through chats and share their secrets and weird dreams.

I recently read this book and it became an instant love for me. I had good laughs while reading conversations of Penny and Sam through chats! The story is fast-paced, so you will not feel bored. The writing is very realistic and relatable. It was a heartwarming and funny story, worth re-reading!

The Voting Booth.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Author: Brandy Colbert
Format: Audiobook
Genre: Realistic Fiction, Contemporary, Politics

Marva Sheridan wants to make a difference in the world by casting a vote. She wants to help people in casting their votes and make a difference for good. On the other hand, Duke Crenshaw is done with this election. He just wants to cast the vote and focus on his upcoming gig. But a problem arises here, he can’t cast a vote. When Marva sees this struggling voter, she bothers to help Duke. The day starts with skipping school, rushing from poll to poll, and finding Marva’s cat, the most famous kitty on the internet and other huge disasters.

I listened to the audiobook from Spotify. It was a very adventurous story and was set in one day. Everything happened on the voting day. I recommend listening to the audiobook as it is more fun. There was so much happening in one day and the disasters were very amusing to listen to.
[Link to the free audiobook:

Any John Green Book!

Disclaimer: These Stories Will Break Your Heart and Mend It Again!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

John Green Books: The Fault In Our Stars, Looking For Alaska, An Abundance Of Katherines, Will Grayson Will Grayson, Paper Towns & Turtles All The Way Down.

Pick up any John Green book and it will instantly make you fall in love with Reading! I say this with experience, as the first book that I ever read was The Fault In Our Stars and it made me start my reading journey. Turtles All The Way Down and Looking For Alaska were the next reads that made me fall in love with reading! His writing is very unique and realistic, which keeps you in the story the whole time. These stories have made a huge impact on me and make me think about it all the time. Don’t hesitate, just read all of his books!

The Poet X.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Author: Elizabeth Acevedo
Pages: 361
Genre: Poetry, Young Adult, Contemporary

Xiomara feels that her voice is unheard. She pours all her feelings and frustration in her leather notebook, reciting the words as prayers. Her mother wants her to obey the rules of the church and has to live a disciplined life. When she is invited to join her school’s poetry slam club, Xiomara worries about how will she attend without letting her mother know. She dreams that people should listen to her poetry.

The whole story is written in verse and it is beautifully written. It will be a quick read and a very emotional one. Xiomara’s struggles will definitely leave you shook and will help you find your own voice. Very relatable read and worth reading this book.

I hope these books will help you start your reading journey. Explore your interests and pick up a genre that you feel is interesting. Reading is good and you should try it!
Happy Reading!