Hello, it’s been a long time :)

Hello, my favorite people! Hope you have been immersing yourself in different worlds when I was long gone. I am back here on the blogosphere because I missed writing and most importantly you all ❤

My life lately.

I just finished giving my board exams in March. I then went on a week-long vacation in the first week of April, which was splendid. Right now, I have holidays for two months (could be three). These days I either end up going out or am at home reading or watching movies and series. The feeling of having no stress is the best!

Reading goals.

I realised now, that I didn’t share my reading goals for this year. It has been very hazy since the start of 2023. So, here are my reading goals:

I have kept a goal of reading 50 books and am doing pretty well so far. This is a problem, I tend to read a lot of books during my exam time because I get so bored with academic books, which is kind of concerning, but who cares XD

In 2023, I aim to start and finish many book series because I want to immerse myself in the same world for a longer period. So far I have finished two series. A detailed review will be coming soon on those.

I also want to start reading literary fiction more. I feel that I tend to like that genre more as some books can be more character-driven and also literary fiction has more meaningful stories I think.

This year I want to read books by queens and kings of the book industry. For example, I want to start reading books by Stephen King, Agatha Christie, and Sidney Sheldon.

Blogging schedule.

I will try my best to write two posts a week. So, you will start seeing me active and post two articles every week! From Monday, there will be something new to read for you all 😀 Stay Tuned!
Happy Reading!

Where Have I Been?

Hello bookish people! It’s been more than a month since I posted anything. I am so sorry for being away from the blogosphere for so long. I wanted to be honest with you and share where I have been for a long time…


In June, I read 6 books, of which one was a re-read. In July, I read 1 book, the book of the month of my book club. I have started two to three books but haven’t finished them yet. I try to remove time to read, so I have been reading but not like I used to. My mindset towards reading has also changed in a lot of ways. These days I read books that will help me develop and nourish myself, and then fiction is also there.


During my long hiatus, I went through phases of writing. At first, I thought that I am in writer’s block because of no time. Then I started thinking that maybe I lost the charm of writing. For a long time, I felt sad because writing has always helped me bring up my true self. But today, as I am writing this post, I feel so whole pouring down my thoughts, and all this time it was my mind that made me think that way.

Life In General.

For the past month, I had been preparing for my tests and did not have time to write or read anything. I am afraid to say that this circle will be going on for 6 months more. I really missed blogging because it is something that keeps me sane and makes me happy. Other than studies, going out after the pandemic hit differently. In the pandemic, there was zero interaction, but now interacting with so many people in person at once has been hard to cope with. I was struggling with that, but now I am trying to get back into the routine that I had pre-pandemic.

Blog Posting Schedule.

As I mentioned about having less time before, instead of posting five posts a week I will be reducing it to three posts a week. I will try my very best to be consistent and present here. I decided that other than studies I must continue writing and reading because I enjoy it!

I hope you all understand, I missed you all a lot and now I will be here at Rab’s Bookish Planet 😀
Happy Reading!