Tips for Boosting your Reading Goals!

Hello, my fellow readers! Guess what, you took a resolution to read 100 books, but don’t know how to start? Well, that’s where I am here to help! You can still achieve reading 100 books in 11 months! I discovered and followed some tricks from starting of the year and I have currently read 17 books (including the busy and hectic mundane life)! Here are some tips and tricks to boost up your reading goals.

Start with Short Books!

I kick started the year by reading short books. Short books under 200 pages is a good confidence booster to achieve your reading goal. You can start with Graphic novels, middle-grade books and some comics. Here are some books I read in January:

Pro Tip: When you are reading short books under 200 pages, ensure that you are also reading a book above 250 pages, it will help you not to lose the habit of reading huge books!
Example: As you can see I read 12 books in January, among them I read two books above 350 pages.

First Achieve 50 % of Your Goal!

If you are on Goodreads or any other read tracker platform, ensure that you first set the half of your actual goal! My goal for 2021 is 100 books, but as you can see that I have set the goal of 50. Doing this will not build pressure on your mind.

Don’t Take it Seriously!

Reading is something that gives calm to our mind and helps us to zone out of our hectic lives! Don’t take these challenges seriously. This is just a way to give self-satisfaction to yourself and it is not necessary to achieve the goal! Guess what, even I didn’t achieve my 2020 goal as I didn’t know how to go about it! If you want free eBooks you can read this post>> Want Free eBooks?

Just keep reading what you love and keep acquiring happiness and knowledge from books! They do have the power to change our lives!
– Happy Reading!