The rollercoaster is going up steadily and it is coming to a point where it pauses. You are aware that it will be going down any minute now. The adrenaline is rising in your body and a weird feeling is coming inside your head. You are scared of that feeling. This feeling has been there before and you know that the feeling is Change. Take a Breathe. Any moment, the rollercoaster will take full speed and go down.

But will it always go down?

We all have goals and dreams to accomplish. We wait for the right time, have high hopes and work intensively to achieve it. We also fear, what if, just like the rollercoaster, it all goes down? But in the end, we should be ready for anything. Change is not something to be afraid of, it is something to wait for. To achieve something, we need to go the hard way and in the end, the result will be satisfaction and pleasure. Life will go downhill and it will be the hardest, but one day it will come up.

The rollercoaster goes down, but it will rise at full speed. The weird feeling will be gone, you will feel fearless and nostalgic.

Take the first step, don’t hesitate to start something new. Let that door open and welcome new opportunities and responsibilities! Take that risk and be bold, nothing should stop you even once. Sometimes, you will have to do things that are out of your comfort zone, but it will be worth it!

Happy Reading!


Writing tips for beginners!

I have been a blogger for two years now and I am still learning and experimenting with my writing. But, I want to give some basic tips for writing. This post will be useful for those who want to start their blogging journey. We all are learners and even when you reach the greatest heights, you should never leave the learning side. Here are some tips to start your writing/blogging journey!

Don’t Hesitate, Just Do It.

Hesitation is a huge barrier that always comes when you want to start fresh. It is up to you, how you have to fight that barrier. Several questions are going in your head that how will people react to my first post or about growing with your blog. Just filter out those negative thoughts and just post your first article. If you want to start your journey, then you have to take the first step. Hesitation will always be there when you want to start something new, but you have to leave it behind and go ahead. When I look back at my first ever article, I just want to delete it at times. But, it also gives me the motivation that how I have improved my writing. Keep exploring your writing, read others works and learn different styles of writing.

Consistency is the Key.

Once you have taken your first step, make sure you are consistent in posting your articles and fix a particular time according to your comfort and post the articles at that time. Being consistent will help to attract viewers to your blog. Share your blog posts with your family and relatives, post them on different social media platforms. The use of hashtags will help people to know about your blog. Consistency will help you to analyze your stats. You have to determine that what people are interested in reading by seeing your stats.

Find Your Stance.

I love writing about books and my life experiences. I keep exploring my interests and do write-ups about them. Similarly, if you know about subjects or agendas (for eg: tech, history, etc), then keep writing articles around that topic or subject. It helps to keep uniformity in your blog. Explore and find your stance. If you do write-ups about technology, but you also have a lot of knowledge about history, then you can combine those subjects and innovatively write about it!

Give Time on Each of Your Article.

When I am writing an article, I don’t jot down points beforehand. Once I start the article, the ideas automatically build up. First, I write the whole article informally and I ensure that I am pouring all my thoughts and emotions into it. Then, I grammatically correct my article and polish it. It normally takes me 2-4 hours to do a write-up. Giving time to each of your work is really important. There should be no pressure on you while writing. Giving time to your write up will help you to polish and tune your writing style! 

Be More than Honest!

This is something I learned from Neil Gaiman’s interview. When you are doing a write up ensure that you are being more than honest. People love to read about things they are not honest about hence they find it relatable, it is human nature. Being little more than honest is difficult at first, but the more you go ahead in writing, the lines of honesty automatically come out. It is up to you, how you want to show your honesty in your writing!

Motivate yourself to move ahead with things that you love! Don’t think about consequences, just move ahead and don’t look back!