Authors I Preferred When I Started Reading VS Now.

Hello everyone! I am so sorry for being not active on the blogosphere as I was in writer’s block. I have planned my content for this week so you will be getting some exciting posts to read! My friend recommended this idea, so let’s get into it!

Authors I Preferred When I Started Reading.

John Green.

If you have been reading my blogs for a long time you would know that the first book that started my reading journey was by John Green. I remember that John Green obsession era, loving everything he wrote. Turtles All the Way Down, The Fault in our Stars, and Looking for Alaska were my top favorites by him!

Rainbow Rowell.

I haven’t read many books by this author but when I read Fangirl two years ago, I fell in love with that book because of the sisters and romance trope. Later, I read Almost Midnight, a short story collection, and loved its illustrations!

Jennifer Niven.

All the Bright Places was a heartbreaking read. I remember finishing the book and then watching the adaptation crying even more. I later read Holding Up The Universe, which was on body positivity. Reading about a character being body-shamed was an important aspect for me at that time.

Cassandra Clare.

I had watched the shadowhunters show before reading the books and was obsessed with the show until I read the books… I fell in love with the mortal instruments series and the infernal devices series and loved the characters! I have read the dark artifices, but haven’t finished the last book in the series XD.

Veronica Roth.

When I read the Divergent series by this author, I fell in love with the first book. Four became my absolute favorite character at that time. We don’t talk about the third book, but the relationship and the worldbuilding in those books gave me comfort somehow…

E. Lockhart.

We Were Liars is still my all-time favorite book and after that book, I read other books by her and loved some of them. I am a huge fan of her hazy writing style as it completely hooks you to the story!

Authors I Prefer Now.

Maureen Johnson.

Truly Devious series is the most underrated series and I highly recommend reading that series to you all! I finished the three books in four days and was absolutely in awe. Her world and character build-up are top-notch and her writing style is addictive. I cannot wait to read her upcoming companion book i.e. Nine Liars!

Mary H.K. Choi.

When I read Emergency Contact, I stepped into the YA Contemporary genre because of this author. Her realistic writing style is so good as when I read her books, It feels relatable. She weaves stories around real-life problems and makes it feel like the reader is the one who is experiencing those emotions. Yolk was a heartbreaking read and at the same time, I loved reading about the relationship between the sisters.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

The Inheritance Games and The Hawthorne Legacy are my absolute favorite books! I like reading thrillers and I would love to read more by this author as she brings up interesting scenarios and lovable characters!

Karen M McManus.

One Of Us Is Lying and Cousins were such great books! I could not predict the plot twists at the end and was shocked when I read the ending in both books. I am currently reading Two Can Keep A Secret and so far it’s good! I look forward to reading other books by her!

My reading tastes have certainly changed and after two years when I will write this post again it would have changed again! Lets chat in the comments about some of your preferred authors before vs now!
Happy Reading!

Fly On The Wall by E. Lockhart.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Gretchen goes to a school where kids be extraordinary, but she is ordinary. Her life is messed up as her parents are taking divorce and she has only one friend Katya who is always busy. Gretchen also has a crush on a guy, who kind of ignores her. When she is having a conversation with Katya, she wishes if she could be a fly on the wall in the boys locker-room to hear their conversations. The next morning, when she wakes up she is turned into a fly and is in the boys locker room!

I loved this book. It was clever and hilarious. Some parts in this book made me smile. Fly on the wall is a combination of weirdness and humor and I adored that. As I’m artistic and creative, I could relate to Gretchen as she is an artist. Loved the writing style and I hope this book could also get some hype just like other book of E. Lockhart.

Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This book is about a girl name Jule who is a spy. She has a best friend named Imogen. Both of them are orphans, but nobody knows what Jule is. She changes her style so that people can’t recognize her. She has many names, passports, and ID. To some, she is Jule and to some she is Imogen. Jule has murdered many, was in a relationship with two or three. But, what is she escaping from? Does Imogen exist? Read this book to find out!

So, I’m kind of disappointed with this book. The plot was strong and interesting, but the story kept revolving around the past. The suspense and mystery were great. But, the past and present were not even connecting! There were many loose ends in the story. The main character, Jules is shown great, but if the story would have revolved more around the present it would have been a hit! The thing I LOVE about E. Lockhart’s writing is that she expresses emotions and feelings in a metaphoric format!

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This book is about the beautiful Sinclair family. They are a happy family who is crazily rich and live on a huge island. But, are they pretending and it is a lie? A huge secret is behind this Sinclair family. Read the book to find out!

I really love the writing style of this book! The author has described emotions very beautifully. The writing style is such that it is written very hazily and I loved that part. I could not connect to the characters at first because no one is trustworthy at all. But, towards the end, I could connect to the main character. Full of mystery and unimaginable story!