What is TID Month?

I will be posting Character’s Biography from the Shadowhunter Chronicles this December. You will read character sketches of the main characters from The Infernal Devices. Note: There are spoilers.

Sophie Collins.

Sophie Collins also known as Sophia Lightwood (née Collins) is known to be the best servants in the London Institute. She is mundane with Sight. At first, she used to work as a parlor maid. The workers took interest in her beauty and one of the worker had cut her with a knife across her face leaving a permanent scar.

She was thrown off the streets and Charlotte Branwell was the one who gave her a new home. As Sophie had the Sight, she used to work as a servant for the shadowhunters. She has always adored Charlotte.

When the Council requested that Tessa and Sophie should be trained, Gideon and Gabriel Lightwood came to train them. Gideon took interest in Sophie. Soon, Sophie found love and she married him.