Four Years Bloggerversary! ✨

Hello everyone! Hope all are doing good. Today, Rabs Bookish Planet turns 4! I am so grateful to have you all reading and commenting on my posts. Thank you so much for all your support, it means a lot to me!

Life keeps getting hectic, but I will not stop posting and will take time for writing. Blogging has changed my life in so many ways and has built so many relationships on this platform. I am so glad that I started writing and never stopped.

Love,. Rabhya ❤️


38 thoughts on “Four Years Bloggerversary! ✨

  1. You have quite a variety of books I saw one by Sydney Sheldon. I have read his books. What are you studying? Just curious. 45 books is a lot . Puts me to shame. The life is what you make is by Preeti Shenoy …will be my next read. Love books to the nth degree!

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    1. Yes, that was my goal to explore more in 2022. Oh thats great! How did you feel about Sidney Sheldon’s books?
      I am a commerce student right now but in few months I’ll be going into senior college.
      Don’t feel bad, quality over quantity always.. You should definitely pick up Life is what you make it!
      Happy Reading! 🤗

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          1. I know. I am emersed in the ‘wonderland’ I started reading them before the TV series came out( Spencer for Hire). If you could love an author. I would love this wonderful story teller. Before that, it was treasure island, Agatha Christie and Jack London. We all read the Borne books. They were good!

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