Reading & Book Collecting.

Hello Bookish People! Hope all are doing well. “Why do you collect books? You can read them on your kindle.” Have mundanes said this to your reader’s hearts? Did they tell you that “buying books is a waste of money”? Oh, the way it breaks our hearts… So today, I will be discussing reading and book collecting.

Book Reading.

Reading is a hobby. Some people read books to gain knowledge, while some read for escapism. Some prefer physical copies over e-books or vice versa. For many people, the format of the book does not matter.

Book Collecting.

Book Collecting is also a hobby. These people are readers who like to read and build up their own collection by buying and collecting books. I personally count myself as a reader and a book collector. The only problem here is that book collectors run out of space easily XD.

I feel that book collectors are not understood by the people. Readers like to build their own library which is completely fine. Physical books Vs e-books will always be on as it is very preferential. Not all readers are book collectors as many are comfortable with any format. But many want to make their room aesthetic by showcasing their babies and building a mini library they always dreamt of!

People don’t object to a reader but will always object to a person who calls themselves a book collector. Accept us and show us some love too hahaha.

This is a short post, but let me know in the comments your thoughts on this topic!
Happy Reading!


5 thoughts on “Reading & Book Collecting.

  1. I was a book collector, then moved and bought more ebooks. Then I’m back to collecting again, but I’m much more picky. It’s hard to stay away from physical copies! I just love to look at them on my book shelf. So I guess I’m both a book collector and reader as well.

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