End Of The Year Updates!

Hello bookish people! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! Sorry for my absence, I have been super busy with stuff lately. But, from 2022, I will be back with consistent posting! Today I will be sharing some end of the year updates. 2021 was an exploration reading year for me. I read and explored genres, tried new bookish things and enjoyed a lot while blogging!

How Many Books Did I Read In 2021?

So, I had kept a goal of 100 books, but I couldn’t accomplish it this year. But that’s okay because I had kept it for myself, so better luck next time! Maybe by the end of the year, I’ll probably finish two more books.

Best Books I Read In 2021!

I read many five star books this year! My favourite book of the year was White Smoke by Tiffany D. Jackson and my favourite series of the year was Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson!

Average Books I Read In 2021.

These books were not bad. At some point, I was enjoying them, but in some, the ending was not up to the mark. While in others, addition to a particular trope in between of the story ruined the whole thing. Hence these were average reads for me.

DNF’ed Books.

From what I have heard, these books are loved by readers. I gave The Astonishing Colour Of After by Emily X.R. Pan a lot of chances and after 8 months, I decided to DNF it. The writing style was beautiful, but I picked up that book at the wrong phase so it started to affect me.
On the other hand, I was not at all invested in A Song Of Wraiths And Ruin by Roseanne A. Brown and We Are Okay by Nina Lacour, so after a point, they went into the DNF Zone.

Audiobooks I Listened To In 2021.

Funny story: I fell asleep while listening to Daisy Jones & The Six and missed two hours of the story. And I am too lazy to go back now XD. But, the narration of this book was top notch! Coming to The Voting Booth, It was a cute contemporary story set in a day. It was fun listening to the voting adventures and chaos between the characters!

What Is My Reading Goal For 2022?

I will be keeping a goal of 50 books in 2022! This is a laid back reading year for me, I may end up reading more books too, so let’s see how 2022 goes!

I will be posting my anticipated books for 2022 soon and also post some of my reading and blogging goals! Thank you for always supporting my blog, I love all of you! Have a great Christmas and a new year! I hope 2022 will be the best year for all of you!
Happy Reading!

13 thoughts on “End Of The Year Updates!

  1. Hey hello, thank you for this post. I just want to suggest you to list the titles along with images. I cannot read from images, so I thought this way of including images and the titles might satisfy everyone. Thank you, and a happy 2022!

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    1. Oh thank you for your suggestion. My apologies, will definitely add the titles with the pictures, so that it’s comfortable for everyone. Happy reading and wishing you a great year ahead! 🤗☺️❤️


  2. I am so glad to see We were liars up there, it truly is SO GOOD, and definitely one of my favorite reads of the year too!! And the Inheritance Games as well, it has to be one of the best mysteries I’ve read in years! Good luck with your reading challenge and other goals for 2022, hope its an amazing year for you!! ❤❤

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  3. Great post Rabhya! Ah, I liked The Upside of Falling too, except the end where she threw her books in the lake, that brought my rating down by a star- I mean you don’t do that to books! And American Royals was great too!
    By the way, I wanted to ask, what app do you use or how do you listen to audiobooks?

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    1. Thank you Riddhi! Definitely the throwing books broke my heart too! American Royals was chef’s kiss! For Audiobooks I listen from an app called Short Stories and Audios! It has free Audiobooks and on Spotify also I found some audiobooks. But for Daisy Jones and the six I took a trial for Audible and got it in one credit. But the app I will highly recommend it has unabridged free Audiobooks of all genre! Happy Reading!

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