Best Mystery-Thriller Books!

I love reading murder mysteries and thrillers. I have read many books in this genre since the starting of the year! Last year I had recommended some best Murder Mystery books, so I am back again with a bag filled with Crime, Suspense, Murders and Thriller recommendations!
Also, I am putting links to my detail reviews for these books, which you can read accordingly!
My last year’s post>> BEST CRIME FICTION BOOKS!

Truly Devious Series.

The list is incomplete without this series. Truly Devious is my all-time favourite series and after rereading it, I love it even more. This series is loaded with suspense, murders and twists which will keep you hooked and guessing till the end!
Truly Devious Trilogy Review & The Box In The Woods Review.

The Inheritance Games Trilogy.

It took me one and half days to finish the two books because it was so addictive and thrilling! The story plot is so unique and I am eagerly waiting for the last book to come out! Highly recommended!

Ace Of Spades.

This is dark academia filled with dark secrets which will give you thrills and surprise you with huge plot twists!
Ace Of Spades Book Review.

We Were Liars.

This book has mysterious and hazy writing which will make you question and grip you to the story. I enjoyed reading this one!
We Were Liars Book Review.

All Your Twisted Secrets.

The suspense and thrills were top tiers throughout the book, until the ending… This book is a rollercoaster ride, which you don’t want to miss!

All Your Twisted Secrets Book Review.

This Is Not The Jess Show.

This book was a huge surprise for me! I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a 90’s vibe with suspense and huge plot twists!
This Is Not The Jess Show Book Review.

A Study In Charlotte.

This is a series, but I have read the first book only. If you love Sherlock mysteries then you should definitely read this series! Watson and Sherlock is the best duo ever!

With Malice.

Adventurous and addictive read! I did not see the huge turn coming in the story and you should definitely read this book if you are looking for a travelling and crime vibe!
With Malice Book Review.

I hope these recommendations were useful to you! I will be back with another post soon!
Happy Reading!

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