Book Memes!

Seeing book memes is so fun! (even though it takes away my reading time). I recently found some book memes on Pinterest by an American Cartoonist named Grant Snider, who makes these memes that are funny and relatable. I will be sharing my thoughts on these memes, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Oh well, this just described the journey between a book and a reader! Every book has its own memory when I read them. I will be wearing a book hat soon! Readers will be bringing this in fashion anytime now!

I am a voracious reader. Half of the time my head is in books. They are a great way to escape from reality and are a good meal! What kind of a reader are you? Let me know in the comments!

This is such a beautiful and relatable one! When a book wraps its covers around you completely, excitement comes from within to go ahead and reach the ending!

Quarantine has definitely flooded my home with books! It has also increased my reading time. The comfort zone at home gets even better when there are books all around you!

The stages of every reader! I was in a reading slump so it was the 6th stage for me but now I jumped to the 7th stage! Collecting books (ahem.. hoarding) is an essential part of our lives. I will be reaching the 8th stage soon.

These were some of my favourite and relatable memes! Let me know if you all would like to read some fun posts like this. Also, I have changed my blog’s name from Worshiper@07 to Rab’s Bookish Planet!
Happy Reading!

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