The Box In The Woods! #bookreview

Don’t Look Inside…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book: The Box In The Woods
Author: Maureen Johnson
Pages: 400
Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller

Thank you Harper Collins for sending me The Box In The Woods. This book is a companion to the Truly Devious series. You don’t need to read the other three books to read this one. But, personally, you should not miss the awesome trilogy (so read it :D)! You can find my review for the trilogy here>> Truly Devious Trilogy.

Stevie Bell is back at her home after solving the infamous Ellingham Case. But she receives a message from the owner of The Camp Sunny Pines formerly known as Camp Wonder Falls. In 1978, four camp counsellors were killed brutally in the woods and left in a box written SURPRISE. Jumping to the present, the owner of the camp wants Stevie to work on a true-crime podcast with him on the Box In The Woods case. Stevie comes to the camp with her friends to solve the case, but evil has returned to the town again and this time Stevie has to solve the case to make out alive…

This book blew my mind! In comparison to the other three books, this one was grittier and in-depth in the case this time. When I had almost reached the ending, I kind of guessed the killer, but the writing style definitely confused my suspicion. This is a quick read, I didn’t even realize till the end that I had consumed 400 pages of awesomeness! There is an aspect about the Nutshell Studies, which was so interesting to read. I am in awe after reading the ending, so precise didn’t leave any loose ends, it hit directly to the bull’s eye! The characters have developed and are mature. The best part is that there are chapters that talk about the past, where the murder is happening and then we jump back to the present, where Stevie is trying to solve the case. Higher risks are being taken by Stevie and her friends this time, which can also cost them their life. So many secrets are coming out about the town and the people. Things are continuously happening in this book, so it was not boring at all! I love the mysterious writing and would love to read more books in the Stevie Bell series! This book is very addictive and I highly recommend reading it!

Happy Reading!

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