How I Became A Reader!

Books I Bought on March 2020

Hello everybody! Today I will be sharing my reading story, it was the day when I realized that it is the best thing to lose myself in books!

I have been reading books since I was 10 years old. But, I wasn’t an extensive reader at that time. I enjoyed reading Sudha Murty and Roald Dahl books. I read those books but never connected with them emotionally. I still hadn’t found “The Book” that will start my reading journey!

Then it was the year 2019, where I was sick at home and didn’t go to school that day. I was resting the whole day and was bored. I remembered that my friend had recommended me a book named The Fault In Our Stars by John Green and hyped up about it. I downloaded the book and started reading it on my phone. The whole afternoon I kept reading the book and didn’t even realize getting engrossed in it. By night, I was finished with the book and I remember being in awe after reading the ending. I was shocked that a book could affect and move me. After reading the book I discovered the movie adaptation for the book. I watched the movie and loved it even more. For a week I was in the phase where all I did was fangirling about the characters. After being back to normal, I found out other books from John Green and bought Turtles All The Way Down. After reading the book I started craving for more books and my reading journey started. Till the end of 2019, I borrowed books from libraries and friends. I also discovered Booktube and saw that people were talking about my favourite books on YouTube! After watching many booktubers (HaileyInBookland, JesseTheReader, Polandbananasbooks, etc.), I made up a list of books that intrigued me and decided to buy them soon.

Jumping to March 2020, my final exams were over and by now I had ordered the books to read in my vacation. I bought 10 books and read them in one month because I knew my school will start in April. But, then the world was hit by a deadly virus and everything shut down. In the lockdown, I read many books and my love for reading kept growing. My family and friends have helped me to start my reading journey by encouraging and supporting me!

Reading books has definitely affected my blogging too as when I had started writing, I only wrote about my life experiences. After falling in love with reading and finding out about the book community, my blog shifted to writing about books. Reading books has been a path for me that has helped me grow in every aspect! Would love to read your reading stories in the comments!
Happy Reading!

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