When Devil Married God. #bookreview.

Author: Shelly Sharma

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Pages: 188

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book has nine stories that are about good and evil. The women in all the stories are facing some life problems and are dealing with their loved ones who have chosen to be devils. Every story has its own message to give. Even though it is a short book, but there was so much in those nine stories that kept me going ahead. Each story has a fusion of Indian traditional thinking with a modern touch. The characters in every story were so surreal and raw. I enjoyed exploring the evil and good side of the characters. The ending of every story gave me goosebumps and the starting of another made me emotional. It is a very inspiring book talking about the two sides of a human soul on earth. It has changed my perspective on life in different ways. I highly recommend When Devil Married God to you all!!   

Happy Reading!
– Rabhya

4 thoughts on “When Devil Married God. #bookreview.

  1. From my initial quick browse, the books looks promising. Should be an exciting read and the review by Rabhya Maini goes to reinforce my hunch. I will certainly have more to say on the book after I have read it.

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