What Is TMI Month?

I will be posting Character’s Biography from the Shadowhunter Chronicles this November. You will read character sketches of the main characters from the Mortal Instruments. Note: There are spoilers.


Imogen Herondale also known as Inquisitor Herondale was known for her firm attitude. Her spouse was Marcus Herondale. She then had a son named Stephen, who later joined the Circle even though Imogen disapproved. When Stephen died during the Uprising because of Valentine and later when Marcus also died, Imogen was devastated loosing her family.

After that Imogen became hardened and cold when she was accepted as an Inquisitor. She hated Valentine and when she knew he had a son, she kept him captivated. Imogen never got to know that Jace was never Valentine’s son but he was Imogen’s grandson. When she saw the Herondale birth mark on Jace, she saved him from the demon who was attacking him.

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