What Is TMI Month?

I will be posting Character’s Biography from the Shadowhunter Chronicles this November. You will read character sketches of the main characters from the Mortal Instruments. Note: There are spoilers.


Hodge Starkweather was a very knowledgeable person yet evil. He was a former Circle member and was Valentine’s ardent follower. But, during the Uprising when the Circle broke, Hodge was brought back to the Institute as a tutor for shadowhunters.

He was cursed by the Clave that he would not leave the Institute and join Valentine’s army. So, he increased his interest in plants and animals, and he became a skilled herbalist. He was fed up of being stuck in the Institute for years because he could not live his own life, so he also researched about how to break the curse on his own.

He later betrayed all the people in the Institute and was caught by the Gard. Later he was killed by Sebastian.

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