Chemical Hearts:

This is a book to movie adaptation of Our Chemical Hearts. I recently watched this movie and I was very touched by it. In this post you will read about my review and thoughts about the challenges faced by teenagers when they reach a phase between childhood and adulthood.

Grace Town is mentally disturbed because of a heartbreaking secret. On the other hand Henry page who can only express himself by writing meets grace for school paper magazine. They start hanging out and get to know about each other, Henry finds out Grace’s heartbreaking secret and supports her.

Teenage Limbo: This movie highlighted about the mental health of the teenagers. Being a teenager, I could totally relate. When a person reaches a phase between childhood and adulthood, he/she goes through a lot. Making right decisions, handling hate by people and tackling everything going in their mind. It is hard to be a teenager, especially in these times.

Going through this phase is difficult, but keeping your mind positive and keep thinking that we have to battle every phase with happiness and remove all the chemicals from our minds.

I gave this movie a 4.5/5 stars. It is available on Amazon prime. Tell me in the comments what do you feel about the teenagers!

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